Yellow Death

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Genre: Action / drama / scifi

Teodor is an unhappy young artist who sees no sense in his life. However, he is too big a coward to take it. Yellow disease has turned the world around him into the land of the dying, but he just keeps his eyes closed. But then something happens that turns his life upside down, and he discovers that neither he, nor his miserable life or apartment, is the centre of the universe.

Neither is his planet.

He will have to make a decision. A decision about his own end.

Or has someone else made it for him already?


Shut up, keep up, and hold the shopping bags

— Yellow Death




The Opponent started producing a tortured roar. It was like the lowest and the highest tone at the same time; a tone that was tearing at the eardrums, shaking the ground under our feet at the same time. Its limbs were expanding and contracting uncontrollably in all directions, and its chest was pulsing insistently with the unconsumed energy.
Its whole body was shaking, and a crack opened on its side; it attempted to attack for the last time, and then it exploded in a dazzling flash.
The actual explosion was so fast that before the human brain would learn about the first particles falling on the body’s nerve endings, it could be repeated a million times. We still noticed something. Energy poured into us with such force that we were immediately filled. I can’t even describe the effort that I had to make in order not to keep drawing more. But I remembered well the training, and the very painful impact of overestimating one’s powers.
That is why I let the remaining energy, in the form of oxygen-burning fire, flow around me.
Just like the others.
It was like being in hell. Just for a moment, but just like that.
At first I did not feel pain or anything at all, and maybe that’s why I thought I was dead.
But after a while I began to see light, to recognize shapes, and then the fog subsided, and I could see again. The heat had burned my eyes, but my body, overflowing with powerful energy I had never felt to such an extent, regenerated my cells almost spontaneously.
Yet it took a while before I could get up.
There wasn’t much left around me. Black smoke quickly disappeared into cracks somewhere in the ceiling, and I soon saw that the concrete blocks had been turned to dust, and the hall was almost completely empty. It took me a while to realize that those black bodies with white, moving eyes, with maybe a tooth here and there were the people from my team.
Their regeneration proceeded quickly as well. Ten minutes later we’d started talking (chattering, shouting, and cursing); in fifteen minutes we got up, and in twenty minutes nine naked people shedding the remnants of the destroyed exoskeletons from their bodies were standing there in a circle.
We couldn’t stop grinning at each other, because we felt like we had passed the test of a lifetime, scaled the highest peaks, and could quite happily die. We watched a few pieces of the Opponent as if hypnotized; they resembled large uncut diamonds, reminding us of our enormous success.
Then my eyes fell on the Teacher. I had completely forgotten about him. It was as if this had been done on purpose, by some magic, and now he had made up his mind that he wanted to be seen again. He was standing there, neat and formal as ever, not a crease on his pants would have been wrinkled (if he wasn’t wearing jeans).
„Not bad,“ he smiled slightly.
I felt a wave of happiness and pride over my abilities. These had been the first Teacher’s words of praise.


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