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Writing science fiction is hard work.

Okay, writing any kind of fiction is hard work. Concocting characters and conflicts within the confines of the imagination sure can be a fun pastime, but when it comes to actually putting those things into words, the fun tends to make a quick exit. Maybe it’s because words constrict; they give our ideas a sort of finality that seems to undermine the freedom of being creative. Or, maybe it’s because we’re afraid that once we write something down, someone will read it. Worse yet, they’ll criticize it – hold it up to the light and tell us that the lack of originality is painfully obvious – and we’ll find out that we’re not writers at all, just counterfeiters.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t relate to those things – maybe it’s just me. Maybe what holds you back from writing is a lack of time or clarity about the process (in both cases, I highly recommend checking out Immediate Fiction by Jerry Cleaver). Whatever the challenge, there are a lot of us who feel a strong calling to engage in creative pursuits such as writing science fiction, but have trouble pulling the trigger. In order to get some much-needed inspiration, I decided to track down some writing advice from my favorite science fiction authors.

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